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Operational environment adaptability

STYCKR is a solution for risk prediction & operational readiness ensuring security, traceability and control across the entire life cycle of assets.

Having a firmware fully developed in-house allows a high level of adaptability to the client's operational environment and requirements.

STYCKR relies on two main elements

A self-powered device that is deployed on a vast fleet of assets to follow inventory, measure required variables, secure and locate assets throughout their life cycle. Fully designed by STYCKR, it embeds our energy harvesters developed in-house.

A SaaS platform that collects and analyzes devices data to predict endogenous & exogenous risks and supply business intelligence applications. Our analysis of operational data and our predictive algorithms enable actionable insights and eases decision making process.

No-brainer Solution


Self-powered by the environment: no lifespan limit


We use multiple networks to ensure end-to-end monitoring


We can power and retrieve data from external sensors to better suit client's requirements


Our device understands its surrounding environment and adapts its behavior accordingly

Smart Data

SaaS platform & predictive algorithms are the cornerstone of our added value

Neural Network

Malicious use and fraudulent networks detection

Smallest size

Our device has the lowest form factor of the market


An adaptable & adaptive business model that suits everyone

Security, Control & Prediction Anywhere...Forever

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